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World Heritage Site

Discover all there is to learn and explore about the Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Site, from museums to community events and local businesses.

Why we're listed

Image of a building.
Image of the Coracle drift coracles at the end of a 7 mile paddle from cressage bridge to the iron bridge during the ironbridge festival 2021
Image of a town.
Image of a building.
Image of Coalport Chinaworks.

Map of the world heritage site

The Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Site is located in the heart of the United Kingdom, making it a perfect destination for tourists and locals alike.

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The birthplace of the Industrial Revolution.

The birthplace of the industrial revolution.

What they said

"The human ingenuity, creativity, risk taking, enterprise, and hard work of generations of labourers within the Ironbridge Gorge, helped to change the world and perhaps created one of the birthplaces of climate change."

Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Site Chair

"World Heritage is a UNESCO tool of peace and the understanding of human evolution through our shared common heritage."

Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Site Coordinator

Ironbridge Gorge

The museums make for an unforgettable experience.

Blists hill brickworks front

image of the ironbridge

The iron bridge: A symbol of the industrial revolution

Is the world's first to be constructed of iron, it has had considerable influence on developments in the fields of technology and architecture. 

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Image of a building

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